Corian® in products of extraordinary value.

Corian® is the brand par excellence in the world of modern materials: invented, produced and marketed by DuPont has revolutionized and continues to be the reference point in the world of interior design, furniture and architecture.

The “Corian® Quality Network” is an international system created by DuPont to bring all the beauty and performance of the Corian® high-tech surface to the market, to transform the potential of Corian® into reality.

It includes companies – DuPont’s industrial partners – that can help buyers, architects, designers and industries make Corian® products that always meet the highest quality and performance requirements.

Members of this network have received specific trainings from DuPont experts, their skills and service are checked and certified.

The “Corian® Quality Network” is a quality group of DuPont industrial partners that we are proud to present: be sure to collaborate with a company part of this network when you have an idea, a project, a need that can be managed through the potential of Corian®.

We have now made a video that will help you in your activities.

The video explains in a simple and effective way the properties and performance of Corian®, the value of the Home Design Partner initiative and its relations with the Industrial Partner and Service Center programs, the two other pillars of the Corian® Quality Network system.